Rocky Mountain Restoration

Why Your Support Matters

A part of western history is disappearing right before our very eyes.  Over the past few decades. more and more of the original homestead cabins, farmhouses and barns throughout the western U.S. has been abandoned and neglected to the point that many are beyond saving.  

But, this is a part of our history that we cannot just let fade away.  Many of these structures are owned by families that do not have access to all of the funds necessary to restore their properties.  Even when they have funds for most of the restoration, and even have the assets for long-term maintenance, the cost to rehabilitate is often beyond their reach.  There are few grant programs available to assist with these efforts, and many of the opportunities that are out there carry heavy restrictions and requirements.  Not what private-property owners want to hear when they are trying to create family legacies to pass on to future generations.

Rocky Mountain Restoration focuses on restoring/preserving these structures so that future generations can enjoy western history and the Rocky Mountains by vacationing, or even living, in homes and cabins built by their forefathers.  

Our team is currently focused on corporate sponsorship and advertising through product placement for the pilot episode’s production costs.  The property owners have pledged the necessary funding to make this pilot a success.  

But when the series is sold, we will need to have at a minimum of 75% of our estimated cash needs for each episode in the bank before filming an episode can begin.  That is where you can be a part of our efforts to save western U.S. history.

Check back often to see how you can be a part of our journey.